5 Signs You (Probably) Should Quit Your Job

Planning to quit your job?

It could be a horrible boss, a toxic workplace environment, or unchallenging work that’s making you feel crazy or frustrated.

To decide whether or not to quit your job can be stressful per se. After all, it’s your livelihood that is at stake. It can be quite scary to dive again into the job market where you’ve been out for so long and there are tough competitions out there to battle out.

But knowing when to pack up and move on from a job can be life-changing and a bold step toward your long-term happiness.

If you’ve been asking yourself lately if it’s finally time to walk away, here are 5 signs that may tell you it’s time to hand in your resignation and find other opportunities out there.

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1. You are underpaid

You are too naïve to think that money isn’t everything. Of course, you need it to pay your mounting bills and put food on the table. In this economy, you need money to survive. And if you’re not paid enough for the extra effort that you do, it can greatly affect your motivation over time. Some employees think being underpaid is synonymous with being undervalued. After all, a company is willing to raise your pay if they truly don’t want to lose you. However, this might not be true at all times. You can still get recognized at work for your accomplishments without a salary increase. There are a lot of employee incentives organizations consider that cost less in the long haul.

If you know you’re being paid significantly less than you deserve, that can be a very good reason to start looking for new opportunities that will meet your salary requirements.

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Not ready to leave just yet? Loyalty to the company might make it harder for you to resign. Well, you can stay and do your due diligence in finding out what people are making in similar positions. If you believe you truly deserve a raise, then ask for it! I’ve detailed how you can ask for the pay you deserve in another article.

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If you are denied, don’t be afraid to ask for constructive feedback from your boss on how you can further help the company and increase your value. Hold them accountable for whatever they say, and then get to work with a renewed sense of purpose.

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2. The environment is toxic

Does your job suck the life out of you? Do you dread going to work every day? Your work environment might be toxic. You might want to consider bolting to the nearest exit.

A toxic workplace can take any shape or form. It can be mistreatment by your boss; bully coworkers; office gossip and rumors; lack or negative communication; high turnover rate; and high levels of stress.

If you’re stuck in any of these situations, you still have a few options left to improve the situation. You can find allies who feel the same way you do. In this scenario, you are hoping to watch each other’s back. If you have a co-worker that’s causing you harm, you can confront that person one-on-one in a gentle backstage kind of conversation. Always remember to document everything you do, so by the time you need to file a complaint, you will have enough evidence to back your claim.

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If you have exhausted all possible options to change the situation and nothing has been done, it’s time to plan your exit strategy. A toxic environment doesn’t only affect your productivity at work, it also affects your life at home, stripping you off your happiness, damaging your health, and leaving you feeling like dirt.  

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3. You don’t see yourself growing

Many of us aspire to climb the corporate ladder or take a leadership role where we can further prove our worth to ourselves and the organization. If you feel like you’re stuck in a role or your growth is being stunted, it can be very frustrating to see yourself unchallenged and untapped for certain coveted positions.

If the company doesn’t give you opportunities to personally develop or advance your career, it is likely time to move on. Don’t allow yourself feeling pigeon-holed in your current role. You should have a clear path for advancement if that is what you are after. If you don’t leave, you will never grow. You will also miss out on some great opportunities if you stay at a company that’s not going to help you push your career up.

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4. You are undervalued

As I said, being undervalued doesn’t always mean being underpaid. You can have high pay, but still feel very undervalued. Being undervalued has more to do with accomplishments not being recognized or work that isn’t appreciated. It’s a very demotivating place to be in. If your boss continues to dismiss your accomplishments, you can also take that as a sign that you’re not going to be promoted or offered opportunities to move forward in your career. It may be time to go somewhere else where your contribution is valued.

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5. Your skills aren’t being tapped

You might have been in the organization for years. You feel like you are ready to move forward; to take a role you’ve been eyeing since you got there. Alas! The new hire with prior experience got it instead of you.

If you keep being passed over for high-profile projects or promotions, then clearly your superiors haven’t realized how talented you are. They might not be paying attention to how skillful or useful your other skills could be.

Hold on! Don’t barge out the building just yet looking for a new job.

There could be other reasons you are being passed over for a promotion. The management might have thought the new hire has prior experience so they can spend less time and resources for training. Or that, you aren’t ready yet for the position because you lack certain skills that the other might already have, no matter how extremely accomplished or how efficient and effective you are at your job. Whatever that reason is, you need concrete feedback from your boss so you could identify the areas you need to improve upon to get that position the next time it opens.

If you’ve already done these things and you are still not promoted, then clearly something doesn’t add up. You are probably right in considering other options outside the organization. Don’t waste your potential at a place where your work isn’t acknowledged or valued. Promotions aren’t the be-all-end-all measurement of a career, but they are useful indicators of your influence and place within an organization.

You need to carefully plan your exit strategy before making any rash decision. Don’t decide and act upon something when you are at the height of your emotions. Before you quit your job, make sure that you already have applied for other jobs and has been accepted to one prior to leaving.

Good luck with your job hunting and I hope you’ll find an organization that’s worth your while!

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