Starting 2020 with the Intention to Be Smart with Your Money

Hey, folks! I’m back! It has been a while since my last blog post and the reason will be explained below. Meanwhile, I would like to wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year 2020.

So far, how’s 2020 going for you?

Before 2019 ended, I had already declared 2020 as my year – the year that will pour me a lot of blessings and bigger opportunities. I had no idea what really that meant, but I claimed it as it is nonetheless.

And while I was on my 2-week holiday break from my full-time job, which my Australian clients so kindly allowed me to do, I found a great opportunity I had not expected to come. It’s something borne out of my passion for frugal living and budgeting – the Finance Planner / Budget Planner, hardcopy version.

A little backstory of how it came about…

One day, while I was doing my budget, I just realized doing my budgeting on a plain notebook was pretty boring and messy. I had no clear system and the items on my budget were all over the place. I even tried budgeting on an Excel sheet, but I just couldn’t follow through it. I was less motivated to do what needs to be done. Writing my budget on paper felt more real and motivating. I decided I needed to have a literal budget makeover and designed a cute Finance/ Budget Planner thereafter, which now goes by the name Pink Guava.

Sure, it was for personal use at first, but the Finance Planner gained attention on Instagram from the #Budgeting and #DebtFreeCommunity.  So, I sold the first versions on my Etsy Shop as downloadable printables along with my cash envelopes. I didn’t quite expect some people would love it, let alone, purchase it! But they did and I again designed a Black and White version with a few formatting tweaks for those who prefer a simpler yet chic version of the budget planner.

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I marketed the printables on my social media accounts, but a lot of people were asking for the hardcopy version – the notebook itself, in the flesh!

I did ask around for a reliable printing press that can produce the Finance Planner. But they were too expensive and the demand at the time was less. As a result, I DIY-ed the whole thing at home, producing the Pink Guava planner first on 120 GSM A5-sized papers because my first customer ordered it. After that, I decided to also make a few copies of the Black and White version of the planner with a spring binder on 80 GSM A5 papers. FYI, it’s easy to tear pages and add some more when you use a double spring binder. It’s very practical.

I was in for a surprise. The black and white Finance/ Budget Planners were sold out very fast! So, again, I made some more.

And that was how I spent my 2-week vacation and greeted 2020 with a load of orders. That’s a really interesting start of the year. It’s also the big reason I haven’t posted anything lately until now.

People just want to start the year with the intention to be smart with their finances! I’m so glad I’ve got people on the wagon!

You see, there’s a hidden power in setting intentions. It’s not enough that you set goals. You must have the daily intention to achieve them. Inevitably, your intentions will align with your goals.

Setting and living your intentions allows you to focus on who you are in the moment, to recognize and live your values, and to raise your emotional energy, which in turn raises your physical energy.

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If you want your goals to materialize, learn to set intentions first, then sit down and write them out. It makes you more likely to follow through. Intention setting can help you be more present-more mindful-in your day-to-day life.

The day you decide to sort out your finances is the day you take out your Budget Notebook and start doing the math. It’s the day you’ll realize how you can spend less, save more, and earn more. It will teach you a thing or two about money and how other resources, like time and energy, are, in fact, limited. You’ll also realize that since money is a limited resource – you simply can’t buy everything you want.

When you budget, you take control of your life instead of the money controlling you. Budgeting will teach you how to be intentional with your money and use it for things in your life that are important to you.

I’m expecting that the demand for my Budget Planners will dwindle after January. After all, it’s human nature that only 10% of the people who make resolutions will follow through them.

Behavioral expert, John Assaraf, stated that out of one hundred people who claim wanting to make $1 million a year, three to four of them will succeed.

Here’s his breakdown:

  1. 20% of the 100 people will cite an excuse for why they failed.
  2. Of the remaining eighty people, 16% will pull out due to various reasons.
  3. Of the 67 remaining, 32 people will give up within 6 months when obstacles appear.
  4. Of the 35 remaining, 90% will give up since they did it their way, instead of the way taught.
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Therefore, out of those 100 people, three to four will follow through and achieve financial success.

According to John, 3% of the population will: listen, learn, apply and make things happen.

However, my budget planner is undated, so you can start or pick up where you left off at any time!

Success requires a deep commitment and a compelling desire to succeed. You must want it more than air and water, not because of what it brings to your life but because of whom you become when you are successful.

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